Malibu Comics

Malibu's later logo

Malibu Comics was a comic company in the 1990s known primarily for its Ultraverse line, which was a shared superhero universe. Then, in the mid 90s, comic sales declined and Marvel Comics was able to buy the company in 1994. After letting the titles run like normal for a little bit, Marvel cancelled all the Ultraverse titles and launched an event called "Black September", where they overhauled the Ultraverse to better fit with their own titles and relaunched a handful of titles. This relaunch proved unpopular and the titles were soon cancelled, effectively bringing an end to Malibu Comics as a whole.

Malibu also has another interesting note in comic history: when Image Comics has just starting out before they could begin publishing entirely by themselves, they were published out of Malibu. This is an aspect that helped Malibu become more recognized, due to the high-profile nature of Image.


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